Welcome to Xpress Creatives


We have a great passion for printing and we strive to do our best by providing unique ideas, substrates and top-of-the-line speciality processes. For 2 years, our creative and inventive team has been committed to service excellence, making it our mission to exceed your projections. We also offer letterpress printing, engraving printing, duplexed cards, debossing and many more print techniques in-house.

Our Objective

Our goal is to make it easy and simple for you to create stunning business stationery and promotional pieces that will effectively present your image and help you communicate proficiently.

We have designed a customizable online template with many sample designs to aid you in this process, you can upload your custom designed file.

Why Choose Creatives?

Combining the expertise of its team members with contemporary and vintage printing techniques, Xpress Creatives has the skill, the equipment and the experience to bring your project to life.

We provide you with all the necessary resources to get started. Check out our interactive design templates, printing guidelines and detailed information on our products and services page.

Our Products

We create a customized workflow for each project to meet your budget and timeline from laminated and edge-painted cards to our custom duplexing and hot foil stamping. Choose from Classic, natural Kraft or environmentally-friendly paper stock; add finishing touches such as soft-touch lamination and foil stamping, using our interactive online designs, or upload your file.

Our friendly customer service is always available to answer your questions. You can call us at +255 753 629 392 or send us a message through the Contact Us page.